Wednesday, May 16, 2007

News Analysis: Oracle Acquires Agile

Based on their Red Pepper IPO, it was only a matter of time that Oracle CEO Chuck Phillips and Agile CEO Jay Fulcher would tie the knot. The $495 M cash deal for Agile adds leading PLM capabilities to Oracle's application arsenal and brings to Oracle over 1,250 top PLM customers and over 10,000 visualization customers globally. In fact, over 60% of Agile's customers chose this best of breed vendor to work with their SAP and Infor ERP systems. With Oracle's efficient pre and post merger integration teams, expect the acquisition to close quickly with minimal disruption by July.

Oracle customers should evaluate Agile in PLM short lists for advanced PLM capabilities. Meanwhile, existing Agile customers should push to make sure that Fusion Middleware does not become a prerequisite for future installations. In addition, customers should quickly lock-in their long-term maintenance agreements to avoid the higher Oracle 22% maintenance fees.

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