Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thoughts On Oracle's Next Acqusition

(Image courtesy of SAP)

So, first of all, let me qualify this. It's not inside information, it's not a potential target we've heard to date, but an idea I've had for some time.

There's an acquisition target that Oracle could make the best use of in Germany. In fact, it's even based in Waldorf, but its not SAP. I know many of you haven't been out to SAP's headquarters, but if you ever go out there, you'll find the massive and elegant SAP complex. They've also built out some beautiful new star buildings which house the growing number of people in Waldorf.

But smack in the middle of the campus, is a car dealer. If memory serves me right, it's a Peugot or Citroen dealer. For those of you curious, you can see the white 2-story building amidst the apartments in the bottom left hand corner and just across from the main executive building. (just click on the pix to blow up)

Now, what could be better than Larry going over there and buying out the dealer. Imagine having SAP fly you out there for a key meeting with execs and and then walking across the street to see a demo at the Oracle Customer Briefing and Visitor Center? It'd be like walking by the local auto mile/parkway and doing some comparative shopping.

With such a very accretive and visible acquisition target, let's see if Charles and Safra pull the trigger on this one!

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