Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Introducing: Esteban Kolsky on All Things Customer Service

Former research director at Gartner Research, Esteban Kolsky brings his 2 decades of expertise on e-business, customer relationship management (CRM), customer service, and e-service to the Software Insiders Point of View. Recent research focused on trend setting topics such as Enterprise Feedback Management, Customer Service models and eService Suites.

In a previous life, Esteban founded a company that invented a technical architecture to provide point-of-need customer service. Other professional experiences includes serving as the:
  • CTO of Tiedosta
  • Director of CRM at Intraware
  • Senior Manager at BDO Seidman
Look to more interesting customer experience insights to come as Esteban covers the world from his vantage point and joins former Forrester Research Director and current Head of Research at SSPA, John Ragsdale in pontificating on their views of service and CRM in their free moments.

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