Thursday, March 8, 2007

Event Report: Lawson CUE

After a horrendous time getting out of the Mumbai Airport where I missed my flight and had to fly to NY in order to get to California... I finally made my way to sunny San Diego for Lawson's CUE event on March 4th to March 7th. Though I missed the Sunday festivities, the week there was well worth it as Lawson continued to show progress in developing its product line, winning customers, and building tighter partnerships.

Some quick observations from the event:
  • The general mood was upbeat among both clients and partners
  • Lawson furthered their relationship on IBM's "Blue Stack" including the WebSphere ESB with current releases:
    • For S3 customers, WAS, Tivoli Directory Server, and DB2 are also offered in Lawson S3 System Foundation 9
    • For M3 customers, the new Lawson M3 System Foundation includes WAS as well as LSF runtime technology
  • On the hosting front, Lawson Total Care Platinum tied the highest level maintenance and support program with full hosting and application management services with IBM as well as other partners.
  • From a social, corporate responsibility angle, Lawson announced a Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative that packages pre-configured Lawson applications and Lawson Business Intelligence (LBI) to report against over 100 indicators that could support at company's corporate social responsibility initiatives.
  • Recent high profile wins at a major global retailer bode well for Lawson's future global roll-out and functionality capabilities.
Overall, clients and partners once again found value in the event. And of course, EVP Dean Hager's presentations were as energetic, informative and entertaining.

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