Wednesday, March 21, 2007

News Analysis: Tammi Reller's transition to Interim Head of MBS

The recent transition of Satya Nadella to the new Search and Ad Platform group came as quite the surprise to many outside of the Redmond community. Satya had recently taken over in September 2006 from long time Great Plains icon Doug Burgum. (Doug is retiring later this year.) Insiders say that Satya was chosen for Search and Ad mainly because of his ability to turnaround teams and deliver on results.

The transition to Tammi Reller makes sense, as Tammi has had many roles within Dynamics, most recently as Corporate Vice President of MBS marketing. Customers should expect little disruption in strategy as Tammi's an insider and has worked closely with Satya and Doug for quite some time. It's expected that Tammi's role as interim head of MBS should become permanent and many remain excited as she brings some marketing buzz and excitement to the teams.

After attending Microsoft's Convergence User conference in March, it's apparent that Microsoft continues to lead in the user experience department with the most resources and innovation dedicated to role based scenarios and user experience optimization. In addition, the Project Green strategy appears to be transforming from a converged product roadmap with a target date, to one where the 4 products have target dates for consumption of key middleware components such as SQL Server, SharePoint, BizTalk, SmartClient, etc. Maybe that was the original plan, but now it's becoming clear that this will be the approach for some time to come.

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